Investment Solutions

A good investment portfolio mix can benefit an individual in enhancing his wealth, reaching his financial goals, saving taxes, generating income and providing him with a stable financial future.
We, at I CAN, offer a wide variety of products. However, we recommend that every penny that you save should be with a purpose. This is where we step in with our Investment Solutions.

Choose products based on your risk appetite and goal. But don't stop at that - keep reviewing if your investment is growing the way you wanted it to. If you like, we will assist you in this.
Savings and investments are important to achieve various goals and realize the dreams of our lives.

We work with
Axis Asset Management Company Ltd. Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund BNP Paribas Mutual Fund Canara Robeco Asset Management Company Limited DSP BlackRock Investment Managers Private Ltd. Edelweiss Asset Management Limited Escorts Mutual Fund Franklin Templeton Asset Management (India) Private Ltd. HDFC Asset Management Company Limited ICICI Prudential Asset Management Company Limited IDBI Asset Management Ltd. IDFC Asset Management Company Limited Indiabulls Asset Management Company Limited JM Financial Asset Management Private Limited Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund LIC Nomura Mutual Fund Asset Management Company Ltd. L&T Investment Management Limited Mirae Asset Global Investment Management (India) Private Ltd. Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund Peerless Funds Management Co. Ltd. Pramerica Asset Managers Private Limited Principal Pnb Asset Management Company Private Limited Reliance Capital Asset Management Limited Religare Invesco Asset Management Company Pvt Ltd. Sahara Mutual Fund SBI Funds Management Private Limited Sundaram Mutual Fund Tata Asset Management Limited Taurus Asset Management Company Limited Union KBC Asset Management UTI Asset Management Company Private Limited Daiwa Asset Management (India) Private Limited Morgan Stanley Investment Management Private Limited PineBridge Investments Asset Management Company (India) Pvt. Ltd.

I- CAN brings to you a range of simple financial solutions. These solutions are crafted by a dedicated team of experts. Our user-friendly online interface makes it extremely convenient for you to assess how much you need to invest to attain a goal. We make it extremely simple to create portfolios based on our in-depth product research. You can use your I- CAN online account and track your goal achievement as well as conduct portfolio analytics.


Also available are ready-made and simple financial plans which need monthly savings of Rs 5000 to Rs 25000 to build a corpus of Rs 1 crore to Rs 5 crore for retirement.


For indviduals who want to invest in highly customized or unconventional themes we offer the following routes
Portfolio Management Services (PMS): With a minimum investment size of Rs. 25 lakhs, this is a more customized approach of investing which helps you invest in equity or debt or a combination of the two.
Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs): This requires a minimum commitment of Rs. 1 crore. We have the resources to bring to you interesting ideas through this route, for investment in real estate, private equity, hedge funds, stressed assets etc.


Life-Goal Based Solutions

We have solutions for your important life goals.

Education Solution: Quality education is important to succeed in life. However, it comes attached with a monetary commitment. This solution helps you plan your investment strategy to achieve the education corpus you may require for your child. So do not deprive yourself or your loved ones from making it to your dream course/university. Subscribe to this solution now!

Home Solution: Buying a house is one of the biggest and most important asset purchases for most individuals. With the help of this solution you will be able to make an investment strategy in order to save the amount you need for the down payment as well as plan to pay the EMIs. Enroll now!

Marriage Solution: If your goal is to accumulate funds for a marriage in the family you can plan and invest better with the help of our solution. Opt for the solution to plan for the most special occasion for the family!

Car Solution: This solution helps you build an investment portfolio to achieve the desired amount you need at a particular time in order to achieve the required amount. Register yourself for the solution and plan well for your dream car!

We can design customised solution for any other goal that you have in mind. Simply write to us. CLICK HERE TO KNOW MORE CONTACT US

Wealth Creation Solution

If your aim is to achieve a certain target amount of wealth in a particular period of time you may want to opt for this solution. We help you make an investment portfolio as well as set upside and downside triggers. Subscribe to the solution and start creating wealth! CLICK HERE TO KNOW MORE CONTACT US

Retirement Solution

Everybody wants a comfortable post-retirement life. It is best if you make hay while the sun shines and start planning for retirement as early as possible. Based on your assessment of the post-retirement income we will assist you in arriving at an appropriate portfolio dedicated to this goal. Choose this solution and take your first step towards gifting yourself a peaceful retirement!