Pillars of Our Strategy

Financial Planning Process:

Every Human being is unique and so are their needs. Hence a comprehensive goal-based planning approach takes into consideration the holistic view of one's economic situation: current investments, risk profile, age, number of dependents, assets & liabilities and so on.

Generating your Risk Profile: Our research-backed evaluation method helps us generate the individual's unique Risk profile.

Assessment of current financial situation and identification of gaps, if any, in your current asset allocation.

Establish financial goals – like buying a house/car, education, marriage, retirement.

Create and implement a customized and integrated financial plan to fulfill the objectives. Also develop alternatives.

Review the plan periodically and make changes whenever necessary.

Why Financial Planning?

No matter which income bracket one falls in, it is important to plan one's finances in order to make best use of one's money to reap long term benefits and reach goals through the assets in hand. Each financial decision one makes can affect several other areas too. Every decision regarding our finances needs to be monitored through a proper plan drawn in advance.

The following points explain why financial planning is important.

Improving one's Financial Position: A strong capital base can be built with the help of efficient financial planning. A well thought out investment strategy can multiply one's wealth.

Better Income Management: It is possible to manage income effectively through planning. Managing income helps in segregating it into tax payments, tax savings, other monthly expenditures and savings.

Goal-Based Investment:A proper financial plan that considers the income and expenditure of a person, helps in choosing the right investment strategy and asset allocation. It enables the person to reach the desired goals.

Standard of Living:A proper financial plan acts as a guard in unexpected or unfortunate situations and enables the family to survive hard times.

Inflation: Developing countries like India tend to have high inflation. It is important that savings keep pace with inflation.

Problem of too many choices: In today's world, investors tend to get confused because of too many competing investment products to choose from.

Busy lifestyle: Often people need professional management services along with regular monitoring because they find it difficult to spare time.

Social & Demographic Shift : Increasing number of nuclear families indicates that more often now than it used to be, people need to provide themselves for their post-retirement expenses like hospital bills etc.

Retirement planning has assumed unprecedented significance. With rising life expectancies, people need to save for more number of years for the post-retirement stage.

Factors to consider while choosing a Financial Planner

Professional experience and background.

Range of products/services offered

Infrastructure and Technology

Ethical standards and Code of Conduct

Best-in-class Research Capability