Pillars of Our Strategy

Financial advice is provided by a variety of participants in the financial sector. Insurance Agents numbering about 2.5 million and about 1,00,000 AMFI/NISM certified Independent Financial Advisors (IFAs) have traditionally been connected to a number of households in this enterprise. However, of late this community is facing a lot of difficulty in conducting his profession in the face of various headwinds. Amongst this community there are quite few who have acquired tremendous amount of knowledge and experience and want to share it with other members of this fraternity. They also possess strong organisational and leadership skills. But most importantly they are passionately attached to their profession. And they will like to chalk out a path which not only ensures a satisfactory income for him and his peers but also raises his self respect and dignity. We believe that they can become a catalyst to revolutionize the field of financial advice if they are backed with:

A strong brand name

Access to state of the art technology

A constant interaction to further enhance their knowledge base and keep it relevant

Access to latest tools and tutorials on selling skills

Citrus Advisors in association with I-Can Financial Solutions wants to contribute to starting this initiative. The starting point for this will be to raise the respect for financial advice as a service and Financial Advisor as a service provider in the eyes of the investor. We believe that this will only be possible if:

Advisor puts the interest of the investor uppermost in any advice

He enhances the value he delivers to the client

Acquires knowledge and keeps it updated to be able to guide the client properly

Adheres to a code of conduct that wins the confidence and respect of all concerned

Understands that there are no shortcuts to competence – professions which enjoy high degree of respect such as engineering, medicine etc also entail a lot of hard work.

We invite likeminded individuals from various parts of the country to join us in this movement. If you share our vision and have a passion for the profession, we can work together.

We will expect you to create a path to a brighter future for as large a community of Advisors/Distributors as you possibly can. There may be a need to step beyond the immediate gains to oneself and adopt a number of grass root advisors and hand hold him to a better life. This will be possible by adopting technology in your own business and demonstrate its ability to enhance the business potential. We will not only provide you the technology platform but also supplement with well researched advisory inputs. We also intend to set up a forum for the mentors to interact with us and each other where we discuss and address issues with relevance to the field of financial advice and explore ways and means of reaching the items (a) to (d) to every advisor that is being mentored . The forum will also but also ensure that we constantly work to raise the dignity of the profession.